All our Products & Services are designed to enable the empowerment and the development of women entrepreneurs in Africa through workable cross-cutting e-solutions and training which provide affordable market accessibility and capacity building.


Alexa DIARIES Platform

“Alexa Diaries launches a new digital platform that promises to deliver e-solutions to the informal sector and take SME enterprises to the next level through a user-friendly mobile app interface.”



  • Accessible & Secure   
  • Integrates with social media platforms and turns your page content into a fully designed mobile e-commerce app. 
  • Easy mobile money transactions
  • Integrates with delivery apps
  • Stay in touch with your customers 
  • Women Centered Design 


The DIGITAL SOLUTION That turns A Small medium enterprise or informal business into an e-commerce champion

We will launch a revolutionary new platform that will make e-commerce solutions available to women entrepreneurs in the informal sector.

Using content of existing platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and integrating this with mobile money payment options, the Alexa Diaries platform turns a simple social media page into an attractive e-commerce application. 

The platforms gives women entrepreneurs acces to customers beyond the community that they operate in, in a safe and secure way. It not only uses social media content but also integrates with existing logistics & transport mobile apps for delivery or goods & services to their customers. 


capacity building 

Closing the Market Access gap

The potential impact that closing the market access gap for women owned SMEs can have on economic development, estimating the link between the growth in income par capita suggests that closing the market access gap for women owned SMEs  could boost the real income per capita growth rates in the country and hence the continent

Purely establishing a socio-economic conscious business environment that includes full support of women entrepreneurs could potentially bring millions out of poverty  and reduce an alarming gender income gap seen on the African continent .Women are the cornerstone of African economic development and are currently under represented.

In dealing with this kind of bottlenecks, Alexa Diaries develops tailor made training programs to help women access the necessary support needed to reach their full potential as entrepreneurs and business owners. 

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Our Alexa Home and Skin Care product line functions as the pilot for our all our other services. It is a real live show case of what is possible using our innovative all round approach. 

We take the women through business and practical skills training to manufacture a home and skin care products line. We teach them how to  market the products online through our integrated e-solution platform.

We also encourage women them to take up IT related subjects, attend other skill workshops, conferences and support them in becoming innovators and job creators themselves.

We believe by supporting women we are cementing a future for their children and our next generation.


Alexa Lavender Shower Gel



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