Mrs. Nabwire Hellen is a poultry farmer in Kisugu, a Kampala suburb. She keeps around 100 layers that she sells after 6 weeks. 

She narrates how she at times experiences difficulties with poultry diseases and stray animals entering the chicken pen. However, the business proves to be profitable for her. Each layer sells at 8000 UGX, at 4 weeks, and 15,000 UGX at 6 weeks. When she sells them early, profit is about 2000 UGX per chicken. Some customers do not know the price, allowing her to sell at a higher margin than usual. 

Her market consists of local buyers who know how to find their way to her business. 

Mrs. Nabwire mentions that she sits down daily to keep her accounting books to ensure that she keeps track of expenses and sales, something she learned from the Alexa Diaries training. In the past she used to lose money because she did not keep any books. 

Her future plan is to start rearing broilers and from the training skills she has acquired she poised to grow her business to next level.


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