Help! My business is down  You might be freaking out and thinking that your business is broken as a result of the Covid-19 lock-down and economic recession that may follow.  Don't panic! For many of us, we sell products that are seasonal anyway.
We recently participated in the AfricaVsVirus Challenge. The 72-hour Ideathon focused on addressing the challenges presented by the global Novel Coronavirus pandemic to African societies, economies and individuals and prototyping tech and non-tech solutions. Governments, civil society organizations, companies and
Mrs. Nabwire Hellen is a poultry farmer in Kisugu, a Kampala suburb. She keeps around 100 layers that she sells after 6 weeks.  She narrates how she at times experiences difficulties with poultry diseases and stray animals entering the chicken
Our CEO Mr. Tyrel Wamono leads a US delegation to meet with the Speaker of Parliament of Uganda to discuss policy review regarding NGOs supporting disadvantaged children and youths.   “These children need to learn other important human skills as well
Alexa Diaries has been training several women entrepreneurs in the past few months.The training and mentoring programme in Kisugu, a Kampala Suburb, aimed at helping female entrepreneurs develop the skills they need to run thriving businesses. Owners of small businesses
Alexa Diaries is proud to have participated in the kick-off event on the Digital Human Rights Lab. The Digital Human Rights Lab is a virtual and physical space offering an opportunity for interested professionals working in the different fields of