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Digital media & E-commerce solutions for women entrepreneurs

Alexa  Diaries is a social business that empowers women with existing micro, small and medium enterprises using digital media to transform their livelihoods and achieve Sustainable Development Goals. We work with trusted experts offering strategic and tactical business mentoring.  

Uganda has been ranked as the world’s most entrepreneurial country. This has majorly been attributed to the enabling environment that the government has created to even female entrepreneurs. These women are mostly owners of  small businesses and local community shops serving the unmet needs of their homes and consumers.

The potential impact that closing the market access gap for women owned SMEs can have on economic development, estimating the link between the growth in income par capita suggests that closing the market access gap for women owned SMEs could boost the real income per capita growth rates in the country and hence the continent. This is where we at Alexa Diaries concentrate our efforts. 

A Different Approach 

Very few existing programs focus on older women. Therefore we target interventions that support older women and their work. Our programs create opportunities for women to actively, safely and fairly participate in the (digital) economy by providing access to skills and training.

Through our programs, we increase the equal participation of women in society and help them gain skills needed to take on greater leadership roles in business and entrepreneurship. 

One of the ongoing activities is to train women in manufacturing home and skin care products and provide a platform for e-commerce and digital marketing using social media and custom developed apps.


Tyrel Wamono

CEO ~ Founder

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Cissy Nakawala

director business Operations 

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Christian Balola

IT Developer